Electric Car Ice Speed Record – 161mph

The one and only Raceabout E-RA keeps surprising the electric car enthusiasts with new feats. After it conquered the Nürburgring Nordschleife in just 8 minutes and 42 seconds last September, the electric supercar has gone all wintery and smashed the ice speed record for EVs.

Raceabout E-RA

Raceabout E-RA

Note that this is an unofficial speed record because there’s no such category in the Guinness Book of Records yet. Can you imagine that?

The electric supercas has been developed by Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to prove that EVs can be cool and fast. The ice test session took place on the frozen Ukonjarvi lake in Finland. They’ve still got winter over there… brrr!

The Raceabout E-RA managed an average speed of 156.67mph and clocked a 161.63mph maximum speed. This was both a test for electric car technologies and Nokian Tyres, which had to tackle an extremely slippery surface.

The E-RA is powered by four electric motors with a total power of 383bhp. In normal situation the 33kWh battery provides a range of roughly 130 miles but during the test as the motors were revved to the maximum, the E-RA consumed approximately 1.25kWh per kilometre.

What’s next for the feisty Finnish e-car?

Pic copyright: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences